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Help allows you to learn about the mud in a quick and efficient manner.  Help can be used to learn about stats, skills, rules, game play, and many other areas of information.  All information is broken down into topics and subtopics.  When you type 'help', you will receive a list of topics for help.  Each in turn has a list of subtopics.  To learn about each of these subtopics, simply type 'help <subtopic>', and you will receive the information you are looking for.  Special topics and subtopics are listed at the bottom of the listing when typing 'help'.  The mud is dynamic, so if you see any information in help that is not up to date, feel free to infor a wizard.

The help command is the most important command/directory a player can use.  Even the experienced players still reference the help files for questions that they might have about the game.  OD has a very, very detailed help directory for players, and it is highly suggested that you as a player use it, and use it often!  If there is an issue, such as a question about rules, or getting stuck in an area, or something that the help files does not answer, it is highly encouraged to use the wizhelp command and not tell an overdriver directly.  

To use the wizhelp command, just type 'wizhelp <message>' and your message will be sent to the wizards, and you will be contacted by a wizard as soon as possible.  Be warned though, the wizhelp is specificly used for issues that might come up while you play and is NOT a form of general communication to the wizards.

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