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Heroes of Farcaern:

Since the dawn of time on Overdrive, Fighters, Mages, Priests, Thieves (and Novices!) , and now Necromancers have been adventuring throughout the known world, with the city of Farcaern as their home and center of the universe.  As foes throughout the land--both good and evil--have been vanquished over the years, the Gods have deemed the most experienced players of Farcaern a new tier for limitless leveling, achievements and bragging rights.

Sorceror J. Wellington Wells, owner of The Magic Emporium within the mage bazaar has gone to great lengths to profive players with a Heroic Sanctuary.  It is within this magical sanctum that players accomplished enough in base levels, training and spendable experience can begin the advancement of their Hero Levels.

Becoming a Hero of Farcaern is a coveted honor, and with that, naturally, comes great responsibility.  Though all who become Heroes will forever be immortalized in song and story, only the most successful can be deemed capable of receving certain bounties, perk and unique spoils of war.

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