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Overdrive or OD as it is commonly referred to, is a large LPMud with thousands of rooms.  OD is a hack and slash type mud that offers 11 unique quests and a plethora of mini-quests.  It is extremely player friendly and you can usually find someone to help you with any questions you may have.  There are dedicated realm coders creating new and fun areas (realms) for players to explore.

There is a very detailed help directory available to players and it is highly suggested that new players to OD read through them.  Also new characters that are created will be able to enjoy a basic set of armors and a weapon (dagger) to help them through the first 4 levels.  At level 4 you can join a class and start using the perks of a Class Vault and the Class Channel line to ask other players of your class for assistance in obtaining better gear.  The noob set is to help players with those first levels in the learning process of the mud!

A level cap of 160 is set in place, but players at that level can continue to gain experience and train their skills beyond that.  Five different classes, from which players can choose from will keep anyone who joins the lands of Farcaern entertained.  The four different classes are: Fighter, Priest, Mage, Necromancers and Thieves

While there is that pesky level cap, OD is now home to Hero Levels.  Hero Levels are a new leveling system brought to OD to extend the game past 160.  Hero Levels have no cap, and the rewards will be great.  New areas, monsters, and equipment are being created specificly for  Hero Levels and hopefully it will provide players with further enjoyment.  If you wish to prove yourself a Hero of Farcaern, then you must be able to meet certain requirements to being one, players must be level 160 and have specific training requirments met.

Along with Hero Levels, OD now has Hero Classes: Angels and Demons! Hero Classes are part of your normal class, as in you can belong to the Priest Guild, and be a Hero Class Angel (or Demon), or you can be a Necromancer and Hero Class Demon (or Angel). Choosing your hero class is up to the player, and to grow in your Hero Class Alignment Level, you'll have to use your hard earned Hero Levels as currency.

With a low player base, OD allows simultaneous Character play.  Players are allowed to have four characters logged on at the same time.  And trust us, it's nice having a Priest available for those tremendous blows that some of the larger monsters can deliver, or a thief handy for those annoying locks in which they can pick.  Here is a list of Directions you can use.

Overdrive has some of the most dedicated players and wizards.  We are a casual mud, but if you wish to Role Play then you can, but be warned not everyone on OD Role Plays so you might run into someone who doesn't.  Shift Into Overdrive, we would love to have you!

Overdrive can be found at --- > (telnet://overdrive.fprime.net:5195 )

    • NOTE:  It is important to note that for a lot of the information on this Wiki page, it was taken directly from the Game, and the majority of it was NOT written by me, but by dedicated members of Overdrive.  I am simply putting some of the vast amounts of information from the game to this site to assist in gaining player population. **