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Overdrive takes place in a vast world.  Thousands of rooms occupy large areas throughout the lands.  Some areas can be smaller than others, while other areas are dwarfed in size by the immensity of others.  Some areas are only three rooms in size and are often riddled with puzzles.  Overdrive lands are so large, it can be easy to get lost in, and it would be helpful to have a mage on hand for those summons back to the Cathedral of Farcaern.

Farcaern Cathedral is known to be the Center of the Universe.  All traffic throughout the lands usually ends up travelling through the Cath, and when you enter the game you begin in there.  Farcaern is the main city, that surrounds the cathedral, and it is home to the five classes: Fighters, Priests, Mages, Necromancers and Thieves.   Here is a list of directions you can use.

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There are two roads that go directly through the cathedral, with four roads on the outer edges they all lead to different sections of the cath.  Coppergate is the northern road (runs east/west), Mossgate the southern (east/west), Stonegate the eastern (north/south) and Barbician to the west (north/south).  The Royal Walk (north/south) and the Highgate (east/west) are the two that run through the cathedral.  Each road leads to different sections of the city as reference with the map below:

There are many areas, that offer a great and fun experience for all levels.  Some areas are designated as newbie realms, some areas are designated HERO level realms.  One of our most legendary wizards, Exodus, has come up with a brilliant chart for determining level status.  If you are unsure of your status, this chart is an excellent reference to use.  Wizards who are coding today, still use the chart for making new areas, and it helps keep consistant areas throughout the mud.

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There is a table of links you can click on that will offer each level definition a small and not complete list of realms or areas that might help you in your continued adventure.
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