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When a player has risen to the height of a hero, and has accomplished the many arduous quests to right the wrongs of the land, he or she may call out the gods and be made a servant of the Four Masters.  These servants of the gods are called Wizards, and each has the power to enact the will of the gods.

While wizards are powerful and are the Overdrivers that guide the rotation of the worlds, they have limitations too.  Their sense of right and wrong is replaced by a desire for order or chaos.  They seek balance and harmony of the land.  And so they may not, nay, must not alter the course of events for a player.

Wizards must remain aloft, and can do NO favors for their once fellow players.  To do so would imbalance the world and lead to catasrophe for other players.  The gods would call down their wrath upon such a wizard and would punish him or her with worse than mortality.

So be wary these mighty forces, for they are neither your enemy nor you friend.  They are the caretakers of the worlds and are here to make the sands of time flow in balance.

Please note: All currently active wizards (not all logged in) can be seen by using the "odlist" command.

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